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Game:Quake III Arena DeathMatch (ioq3v6-unfreeze-client-v23.5.zip | fpsclasico-client-community-edition.zip)
Admin:adminless at fpsclassico.com
Quote:" all that just for a drop of blood "
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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher Vitaly
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun DELI
Best Accuracy with Machine gun Deli
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun *xHHx*
Best Accuracy with Rail gun .WTF!SHADOW?!
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher PurpleDiscoMachine
Best Accuracy with Shot gun !<crm*
Best Overall Accuracy PurpleDiscoMachine
Best Killer with Gauntlet your momma
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher klink
Best Killer with Lightning gun UnnamedPlayer (8)
Best Killer with Machine gun UnskilledPlayer
Best Killer with Plasma gun Biker
Best Killer with Rail gun !<crm*
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher jojo
Best Killer with Shot gun Bones
Best Killer with Telefrag AirDenHokagw07
Best Damage Accuracy PurpleDiscoMachine
Best Effectiveness deathcore
Best Fighter JJ
Best Tank Caesar
Cleanest Player JJ
Highest Damage Given !<crm*
Highest Damage Output !<crm*
Lowest Damage Taken PurpleDiscoMachine
Hall of Fame
Most Number of Awards klink
Deathliest Hitter HLAVA
Hardest Hitter JJ
Highest Hit Rate UnnamedPlayer (8)
Armor Shard Man klink
Body Armor Man Dimethyl
Combat Armor Man klink
Health Man klink
Large Health Man Dimethyl
Mega Health Man =D
Small Health Man Frank
Best Armor klink
Best Armor Efficiency Caesar
Best Efficiency UnnFreeZePlayer
Best Health =D
Best Health Efficiency Caesar
Best Killer !<crm*
Best Scorer oKo*cacahuete
Highest Kill Streak UnnamedPlayer (2)
Lowest Death Streak JJ
Toughest Victim PurpleDiscoMachine
Lowest Kills per Excellent polo
Lowest Shots per Impressive odgie
Top Stats
Maximum Accuracy Bones
Maximum Armor z
Maximum Damage Efficiency Hunter
Maximum Health Miroslav
Maximum Score *DT*NoobsHunter
Award Listing for Best killer with telefrag (top 200)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1AirDenHokagw071 2 0.50
2jojo1 11 0.09
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